I work as a freelance fixer from my base in Berlin supporting shoots for such broadcasters as Al Jazeera, Arte, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Foxtel, History Channel, National Geographic, PBS, RTE, SAT1 and Sky

in Germany, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg.

Since 2000, I have secured over 500 locations for film and television productions.

International crews rely on me for all their production services support in:

•location scouting and clearance

•securing shooting permits


•identifying and contacting interviewees

•production scheduling, budgeting and logistics

•hiring local crews

•renting equipment and vehicles

•booking hotels


•securing props, actors, costumes and studios for recreations

•aerial filming

•field producing

I also translate feature screenplays and treatments from German into English.

I am an American-Swiss dual national, originally from New York where I began my career as a Location Assistant on the NBC TV series, LAW AND ORDER.

I also worked for the United Nations as an aid worker in Mali and Sierra Leone, and am well versed in international affairs.  I have lived in Switzerland and France, and have worked in over a dozen countries on four continents.  I am a native English-speaker and am fluent in German and French.

GABRIELLE PFEIFFER - Production Services

Fixer • Production Coordinator • Location Scout • Researcher • Translator

for Film and Television

Germany • Switzerland • France • Luxembourg


tel  (49 171) 19 16 401

skype: kluckster